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Real change, not loose change

Real change, not loose change

Look around. Just about everyone is moving to TAP (Transit Access Pass), L.A. County's new fare payment system.

While not a pass in itself, the TAP card is an important innovation for Santa Clarita Transit and other L.A. County transit riders. The durable plastic card contains a smart chip that allows you to buy and electronically load a monthly Santa Clarita local pass, monthly passes for participating municipal operators, a credit balance toward cash fares, or any combination of the three. In other words, TAP becomes your "transfer fare wallet" – holding your passes and cash, paying fares to the exact penny, and freeing you up from carrying around loose change. It even recognizes free transfers!

Because of its state-of-the-art smart chip technology, TAP allows Santa Clarita Transit to look to the future, finding modern new ways to deliver an improved transit experience.

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